Website Audit

Website Audit

Ever wondered how your website traffic can generate income for you? You just come to the best SEO company in London that can do full examination of everything related to your website’s level of search visibility also known as a website audit. Working in a digital marketing agency always starts with a full audit. These way, our specialists can specifically pin point the areas that needs fixing with and will allow us to tweak parts of your website that my not be working for you as well as they should. Having a website audit will help your company detect problems in your website architecture and will generate reports that you can utilize in improving the following:

  • On Traffic:

If the traffic your website is acquiring is not converting (conversion; the result of a website visit be it in terms of increasing sales of your products or encouraging downloads of a resource), your bottom line follows. Research shows that with a good system in position, conversion optimization can definitely be felt through an increase in your sales. Lack of engagement from your potential clients may hint you that your website is doing you no good, it’s as good as nothing. Good thing we have specialists here in TrimSEO to help you construct objectives in line with the vision and mission of your company. Subsequently, our group of experts will help you analyze the user-friendliness of your website to be able to propel conversions.

  • On Site Health:

Conducting a website audit can be tedious especially if you do it on your own. But if you hire the right person to do the job for you, detecting the issues and implementing resolutions can be done in an efficient and faster way. In this area, our team will assess the architecture and usability of your website. We will get the drift of your website’s technicalities (hosting, caching, server metrics), structural design (content, metas, URL construction, schema tags, etc.), website speed, internal and external link architecture, and social media optimization.


TrimSEO will take care of the holistic analysis you company website badly needs. Through our website audit, we will provide you an overview of what is and what should be happening in your website.