Driving Customers to Your Amazon Store

Amazon is such a busy and highly competitive platform. So you cannot afford to be slow or lackadaisical about your business presence when represented there. You have to be on top of things and constantly strive to keep your business known and relevant.

Driving customers are not as tedious as it seems. Sure it will demand a good amount of time, effort and proficiency but that is what business consulting companies are for and London is brimming with them.

Here are some very effective ways to grow your customer base on Amazon;

  1. Your Products Listing Should be Optimised

Optimising your product listing is going to go a long way in increasing sales on your Amazon store. Online shoppers more often than not make the decision to purchase a product within a few minutes. So how do you ensure that your products listing is getting the attention and corresponding action (patronage) you desire.

  • Ensure that your product title contains all the vital information about your product; name, brand, colour, size, weight, etc.
  • Upload distinctly clear images of your product that show most if not all the information you provided in the title.
  • Use bullet points instead of paragraphs to describe your product and ensure that your description will not leave visitors confused or misinformed.

  1. External Traffic Does Wonders

Don’t concentrate’ on getting customers from Amazon only, forgetting there’s a world of potential customers outside of Amazon. Liaise or better yet, get your consulting company to liaise with external traffic sources; Social Media ads, bloggers, vloggers and influencers to promote your product outside Amazon and send customers to your Amazon store.

  1. Hop on Promotions

Amazon promotions are like trade fairs, you’ll definitely sell more even at a discounted rate at a trade fair than you normally would in your own store over the same period of time. This is why you should look out for promotions and enlist your product in them. Increase in sales will increase your customer base and your chances of getting positive reviews. Speaking of reviews…

  1. Strive to Get Positive Reviews

It’s really a lot easier to for an online shopper to buy an item if there are good words about the item. So in the fast-paced world of the internet, how do you get customers to stay long enough to give reviews after making a purchase? How can you guarantee that your business will get positive reviews? Following the ban on discounted product reviews. This means that neither you nor any other seller would be able to use review sites to get reviews from your Amazon store. What you can do anyway, is to subtly encourage customers to leave reviews.

With the help of your business consulting company, you can send confirmatory emails to customers after receiving an order, a few more emails to establish communication without pressure and at the end of the transaction, ask for feedback. They’ll most likely oblige. So you get your reviews and a larger customer base consequently.

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